Aims and Scope

The Journal of Universal Science and Technology of Learning (J.USTL) were known for their high quality publications in electronics. Aiming to highlight original articles that report research and development for both theoretical or practical standpoints, within the rapid growth of the learning systems. Vast amounts of learning categories being solicited such as theorizing, evaluating, reviewing, applying, designing, reflecting along with exploring the science learning as well as the technology learning.

Subjects such as learning systems and environments, recent development in learning technologies and automated assessments of learning are in example; special issues which are based on emergent trends.

J.USTL contained all its origin within Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS), Which is known for its success in electronics. All articles and issues shall be viewed and appear as required.

Curtin University of Technology Computer Services (J.UCS) were the company that issued publications to J.USTL.

All submitted articles and papers from J.USTL are refereed by reviewers of the board members who are selected from curriculum and educational technology across the world. By doing this all standards in high quality which are published are guaranteed.

The board of Executive Editors for J.USTL:

  • Heinz Dreher (Managing Editor), School of Information Systems, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
  • Stephen Quinton, Humanities Division, Curtin University of Technology, Australia


After the initiation phase of J.USTL, full papers will only be accessible to paying subscribers. The abstract of all papers will remain open to everyone.


Having had your papers published via J.USTL has its number of advantages in comparison to traditional media publications, here are a few:

  • Publication and submission, between the two, the time span is less time consuming in this matter, in most cases than in printed media which is on average about 6 to 8 months.
  • Articles along with their authors can have their issued papers numbered down accordingly and fairly to their needs.
  • Searching through published papers or articles is easier through J.USTL. These can be easily located by the choices of searches on categories such as titles, authors as well as keywords or can be accessed directly by the table on content.

Special Issues

J.USTL is an excellent platform for the publication of special issues. Special issues were widely used to publish, for example, a collection of papers presented at a conference, workshop or as a special anniversary issue on certain occasions.